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What is agile development?

Agile software development, also refers to as agile is a project management methodology that relies on incremental development to allow teams to deliver value to their customers faster. By using agile, we are able to deliver work in small chunks but consumable increments. This allows us to continuously get your feedback at the end of every iteration to ensure every objective of the product is met. Agile process has proven to be a very efficient and a faster method of delivering products other than the more traditional waterfall method.

Learn about agile development

We use Agile, specially Scrum development to ensure that you get a flexible approach to planning and continuous improvement via regular updates and to ensure that we deliver your project on time, on budget and at the highest standard of quality.

We start off by creating a product backlog of all the high-level descriptions of all the features that needs to be developed in order to create the final product. The most important items are listed at the top of the product backlog page so the team know what they need to deliver first. This list is allowed to change overtime as more is learned about the product and its customers.


Each of the features listed in the product backlog will be documented in detail using user stories. They will be written from the customer’s point of view for everyone in the team and the stakeholder can understand.


From the product backlog, we conduct sprint planning sessions to identity what features will be delivered at each of the sprints. A goal is specified for each sprint, we prioritize again on what features we need to do at the top for each sprint, how long the sprint is and how it will be delivered. Each sprint represents a small part of the software so are able to have regular and measurable updates on the project status can are able to correct small issues quickly. We also conduct daily scrum meetings to ensure that the sprint is on track to a success release.


In the development phase, the scrum team will pull sprints from the sprints backlog and begin development. At the end of each sprint, the product owner will provide a working set of features to the stakeholder to conduct UAT. Based on the feedback from the stakeholder, any changes, modifications of bugs will be discussed with the team and added to the backlog.

Common Environment

With every project, we use a common environment so everyone in the scrum team and the stakeholder will be using the same tools and the same platform. Also, we will all be able to see the progress of the product and provide feedback where necessary.


Quality Assurance

Our team conducts a combination of both white box testing and black box testing to ensure every issue is found and attended to. White box testing is done by our developer as it is their duty to provide defect-free code and black box testing is conducted by our QA team which focuses on assessing the state of the product.


Our QA team conduct manual testing because there are issues that is impossible to find with white box testing such as compatibility issues, timing issues and inconsistencies in user interfaces. Using both methods allow us to deliver high-product products.

How We Communicate

One of the biggest issues in working with offshore software development teams is communication. This is why we only designate a single-point of contact for you to discuss your product. One of our project managers will your contact point and they will act as the bridge between you and the development team


Whether you’re looking for a user centered website or a customized mobile app for  more customers and to increase your brand awareness, we can help you achieve your goals.

Why work with us?

Reduced cost & time

The main purpose of developing an MVP product is to cut down the feature list and only include the most important features is to prove your product’s assumption. This will not only save you time but also reduce the cost. This will also improve the quality of the product we develop as we will be focusing only on the most important features.

Reduced Risk

The last thing you would want is to spend months on a product only to find out that the market need is no longer there. This is why developing an MVP is crucial. You will save a considerable amount of time and energy by using this streamline method but most importantly, you will be able to test your product and get to the market quickly.

User centric approach

We always build products with the end user in mind and what they would want to achieve from your product. Understanding your customer’s needs and wants is important to your product’s success, so we take time to analyse and develop an MVP that your customer will actually use.

Dedicated In-house team

We have a highly experienced team of business analysts, project managers, developers, designers and QA engineers to work on your product and bring it to life and to answer any questions you may have.
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