ArcmallMobile app

Arcmall is an E-commerce mobile app developed by Alofa to allow users around the world to purchase products and have them delivered right to their door steps. The app is inclusive of multiplle shipping methods such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, Royal Mail and China post and include paypal as the payment option.

The clients came to us with an idea to develop an E-commerce app which allowed store owners to easily add and manage their items and a quick checkout option for customers. We took on the challenge and developed a cross platform custom app using react native with a custom build form for store owners to add their items in multiple languages. Store owners were also able to manage their products, stock level, pricing and other attributes of a product using the app and also allowed them to change the status of a product once purchased by a customer all from the app. The mobile app also could be translated to multiple languages allowing the client to target the app to multiple countries.
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